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All Saints Day in the cemetery

2020 Legislative Update from MCA Legislative Agent Guy W. Glodis

Greetings MCA Members;

It has been a highly unusual and unprecedented 2020 at the State House. Traditionally, most of my time is spent at the State House meeting with legislative leadership and legislators informing and educating them about the MCA, legislation and cemetery issues that affect the Commonwealth and their constituents. Fortunately, all of the MCA related bills had hearings and legislative action before the onset of the Covid-19 crisis.

Additional responsibilities include monitoring, tracking and researching legislation that affects the MCA membership, and regularly attending and testifying at legislative hearings, pertinent to the MCA legislative agenda. This legislative session, the MCA legislative committee identified several “red flag” and bills of “interest” that required legislative lobbying, education and/or advocacy including but not limited to;



An Act to preserve the eternal bond between people and their animals


SB 1341

An Act Establishing the MA Cemeteries Board of Oversight



An Act to Permit the Scattering of Unclaimed Cremated Remains



An Act Relating to Pet Internment in a Cemetery Corporation



An Act Establishing Mandatory Sentence for the destruction, defacement or damage to burial tombs and grave markers



An Act Establishing the Right of Disposition


HB 3724

An Act Relative to the Operation of Crematories by Funeral Establishments



An Act Relative to State Assistance for Funeral Expenses

Moving forward, the FY2021 state budget is scheduled to be deliberated after the November 3rd, Presidential election. MA is currently facing a 3-5 billion dollar budget shortfall. I anticipate the remainder of the calendar year will dedicated to addressing the state deficit.

Come January, most if not all of the above bills will be re-filed. In addition, new legislative assignments and Committee Chairmanships will be assigned. Considering the majority of MCA bills get assigned to either the Joint Committee on Public Health or the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection & Licensing, it will be a top priority of mine to meet with those particular Committee Chairs and members, to discuss pending MCA related bills, and our legislative agenda for 2021/22.

Rest assured the MCA legislative committee will be well prepared for the new legislative session. I will continue meeting with legislators, tracking bills, attending legislative hearings and working collaborating with Tom Daly, in keeping the MCA legislative Committee and Executive Board updated and abreast of all relevant MCA legislative matters.

All the best,
Guy W. Glodis

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